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    As a gentle reminder, I have a novel out called The Island on the Edge of Normal.

    If you know someone who likes to read, might be interested in polyamory, or simply enjoys (slightly) dirty books, then think about the paperback as a gift! It’s only $8.99 ($6.99 for the e-book) and it’s a simple way to support QNY.

    From the Amazon page:

    "If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like if jealousy were considered a bad habit to be minimized rather than a sign of true love to be celebrated, give this a read. I don’t know any better window into the realities of such a life."
    —Dr. Christopher Ryan, NY Times Bestelling co-author of Sex at Dawn

    Thanks and your help and support. 



    I loved this novel by Guy New York!! You should read it! It’s available at Amazon. In fact I love everything this amazing writer creates. His wonderful way with words moves me in OH so many ways! Go have a look at @quickienewyork

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